The Classic Approach

We all like nice business stories that are captured on PowerPoint slides. But
the reality is that often nice stories do not tell the full picture. After the
slides, the implementation typically faces 3 challenges with the risk to slow
it down or completely derail it

Problem 1 : Business life is not  a nice story

Nice stories fail to capture the exceptions, particular cases of the many different situations. Naturally a gap exists between  the nice strategy and the complexities of real life

Consequence: The initial strategy can only be partially implemented. Results do not live up to the expectation.

Problem 2 : Nice story not made to be

Let’s be honest. The purpose of a nice story is to impress people, usually decision makers. It translates in strategies that are difficult to implement and face many unfoseen difficulties.

Consequence: Delays, budget increases and lower profitability are the result. You are frustrated. An so are your teams.

Problem 3 : Nice story is disconnected from your people

People in your company have knowledge and ideas and are experts at what they do. They know the practical consequences of a new decision. When a nice story is created, they are not part of designing the solution and are asked to simply to implement it.

Consequence: Frustration to having to implement someone else’s strategy based on their recycled ideas. Demotivation follows. Implementation is difficult.

The Way With Elithan Marketing

There’s another way: use an external catalyst such as Elithan Marketing to build a strategy with the knowledge of your teams:

Here is our 7-Step approach:

1. Define the objectives with your
2. Gather information from people, current problems & ideas of solutions, all particular cases and exceptions
3. Design of your tailored Marketing incl. the best way to reach the objectives.
4. Test with your teams and improve with their feedback
5. Present the results to you and finetune
6. Implement with the teams
7. Measure vc. KPIs

You’ll find surprisingly that strategies built this way engage your people, they rally around them and it creates positive momentum; Also: they are realistis: meaning that are implementable and you’ll meet much fewer surprises on the way. As your teams have a strong sense of engagement emerging from creating the strategies, they will make sure that the implementation is successful. Much reduced risk of budget increase & delays. Strategies designed this way are no more expensive to develop nor slower to implement. And usually, they are quicker to implement. The confidence of your teams increases as they see concrete results.

There is a disadvantage: slides will tell a less compelling story.

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